The History Of The Coffee Tables

To date, coffee tables have their own special place in the interior, both in private and in a formal office. These small tables are added interior desired fraction of functional elegance. Whence tradition of use in the home interiors of these mini-tables? Coffee tables come from refined and pompous era turn of XVIII and XIX centuries, in those days in France and England there was a secular fashion sipping aromatic coffee, sitting on a soft chair and sip to talk, as well as prim English from different social classes have become more and more time to conduct the reading of literature. A morning newspaper with the Times, a cup of coffee has become an integral component in the schedule for this gentleman. And, of course, next to a comfortable chair facing the fireplace, has found its place a small coffee table, which is very easy to put a newspaper and put a glass of brandy or a cup of tea, as well as put pouch that easily clog up a fragrant tobacco. Nearly a hundred years, the coffee table has won a special attachment ladies and gentlemen of becoming an integral part of the interior of each noble house in Europe.

Descendants modern coffee tables were usually made of wood, bronze, decorative stone, for example malachite. To this list today joined aluminum, glass, twigs of bushes, plastic, steel, ceramics, panels, MDF, ivory and a huge number of options, everything is limited only by the imagination of designers and furniture makers. Change of times and instead of the classical style coffee tables come modern, eclectic, art deco, etc., so … this and a variety of forms and appointments coffee tables: round, square, rectangular, oval, rather high and quite low, with additional shelves, with one or more legs or even without They can be found even tables transformers, which according to your desire to become a dining table! For fans of only the most unusual, there pridivannye tables with additional options such as built-in pot or small center to open fire. Therefore, if you decide to purchase a new coffee table main problem now is your choice problem, because the variety of options easily gone to your head.

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