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Angela Maria Mirault Rabbit

The ones that goes leave messages for that they are; it never is in go a departure. But, when the departures are collective, unexpected and tragic, all we are also reached in collective, painful, sorry and tragic way. We are enlutados in this just-beginning of year. All we leave marks; Read On..

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Jorge Pear Young

Good staff My name is Jorge Pear tree, has 30 years was born in BH, city where I inhabit until today, I am acting in the pursuing of computer science to some years, good, saying one 10 years, since that of low in the quarter of the Aeronautics where I Read On..

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Feminine Leadership

Nowadays the women go the fight, equaling themselves it the men, and many times surpassing, not only in the work as well as in the sport, the politics, the religion, the social movements or as supplier of the family. Never before, in the history of the humanity, as many women Read On..

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