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This, was composed for closed questions (whose answers are determined anticipatedly), considered excellent for the data-collecting that will allow the concretion of the objectivos of the problem in research. The interview is structuralized in three chapters where, each chapter is parallel on to a specific objectivo of the research (Appendix). Read On..

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Analysis Metal Metallography

Author (you are): Camila Fernanda Marmontel Blacksmith; Joyce Mara Gimenes Gandara Silva; Lisandra Lion of Oliveira; Marcelo Cesar Polioni 1 – INTRODUCTION This work describes the preparation and metalogrfico assay, for the optic analysis of a metallic sample, allowing to visualize its microstructure, in which we can define its respective Read On..

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Commercialization Profile

This work had the objective to analyze the referring data to the profile of the commercialization of honey in different commercial establishments in the zone East in the city of Manaus. For the characterization I deal of it local of honey had only been chosen the establishments of 3 quarters Read On..

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