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Astrology Aspiration

However, from a Christian perspective, there is another version of a difficult life. He can, through her hard life for the sins of his kind. His dead (or even living) relatives can not atone for their sins in the eyes God, who died because they were not able to do Read On..

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For Ockham, God gave to the men simply the full power of the use of the secular goods for proper utility, leaving they it freedom to establish, on the base of the straight use of the reason, the convenience to appeal or not to the division of the goods (cf. Read On..

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Point Philosophy

In accordance with SAVIANI, (2000, P. Hachette Book Group follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. 45): It happens, however, that communication of the men between itself and with the things establishes same relation that if are enough itself. It is not treated, therefore, of if using an element pra Read On..

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Pythagorean School

– Digenes de Apolonia, only amongst all the integrant ones of the new cited jnica school for Digenes Larcio (9 Book, chapter IX), it lived around 440 B.C. and he was contemporary of Anaxgoras. The main points of its thought are: the only principle is air; infindos worlds exist and Read On..

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