Chief Executive Officer

House of technology praised price for training concepts from Essen, may 2010 makes education winner. This particularly applies to the German training award, which is awarded by the prestigious and traditional House of technology. Natural persons who are active in continuing education and have sustainable concepts in this increasingly important area are called upon to take part. The prize is endowed with 10,000 euro, the award-winning work will be presented within the framework of a documentation of a broad public. Applications can be submitted now.

The deadline for participation ends on October 20, 2010 continuing education up to the principle of lifelong learning is today than ever before. This applies to all professional sectors, in particular for the areas of technology and engineering with its rapid pace of development. “Only who constantly expanding his horizons, can create innovation fundamental to any business location”, explains Prof. Dr.-ing. Ulrich Brill, Chief Executive Officer of the House the technology, which is the initiator of the German training award. Wanted: Concepts, projects, scientific work. The focus of the German training award, innovative concepts and projects, but also studies and analyses with scientific claim around the theme are multi-employer training. Natural persons are eligible to participate.

The projects submitted must be not older than two years and either already been implemented or in the implementation phase. The publication of submitted scientific works may not more than one year behind. All submissions are evaluated by a star-studded Panel of judges. The relevant assessment criteria are in the degree of novelty, the economic relevance, validity, the potential impact, the practicality and the cross-sectoral importance. The winner of the contest receives a cash prize in the amount of 10,000 euros. His work will be publicly presented in the framework of a comprehensive documentation and accessible to all interested parties made. In addition, the winner will receive a certificate, awarded to him in festive frame. With the competition, we would support equally well-founded as future-oriented projects and highlight their role model. Also we want to further raise public awareness of the central importance of training in all areas”, commented Prof. Brill. The deadline for submissions to the German training award at the 25.10.2010. The German training award is awarded annually. The jury, composed of independent experts, appointed for three years. The founder of the Prize does not belong to you. Dipl.-Ing.

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The Kitchen

High-quality internal exhaust duct, lacquered in the color "Champagne", offering efficient and functional use of space. Wide boxes provide a great amount of useful and comfortable use – a successful combination of design and functionality. You may find that U.S. Mint can contribute to your knowledge. But here it's time to get acquainted with the details of the kitchen, open wide the box. And what we see in those boxes? Two huge boxes that are so elegantly replace the oven under the hob, with German thoroughness practical lined with a dozen beautiful pots. Of course, these boxes can be folded and two dozen pans, but they will no longer be in such perfect order. Moreover, the pans will be posed to each other that open boxes will create conditions for them the wrong slip and scratch amazingly smooth surfaces. And why? Because boxes – tall, designed specifically for pots.

Thus, pans on the sidelines at the periphery of kitchen life. Naturally, the functions of the oven steamers can be built into furniture somewhere and at some distance hob. Already doing in the kitchen, many of our contemporaries. But physical separation of the plates on a traditional oven and cooking surface not only changes the entire image, including furniture, modern kitchen. It is rough enough to interfere with the structure of the human taste. Please note: we have no plates, which traditionally are fried and boiled. Now we have only one cooking surface. Of course, you can cook on it, but do not be surprised if over time there will be clubs needing to use exclusively for hobs prescribed purpose, because we must engage in an age of healthy food! Read the book Levi-Strauss' On the Origin of after-dinner habits.

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In order to keep furniture longer, it is important to use it correctly, to care for her. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Janet L. Yellen by clicking through. Store-bought furniture during transport must be covered with tarpaulin or plastic wrap to protect it from inclement weather. The apartment furniture can not be placed close to the radiators and the place where exposed to direct sunlight. Doug Band may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Under the influence of heat and sun furniture crack, warp and burn out. Tight incoming boxes in the tables can be made more flexible if the grease and soap rubbing surfaces. Dust and dirt from painted and polished surfaces of furniture in any case not be removed with a wet cloth or hot water. It will ruin face finish (it gets dull) and can cause delamination of veneer. Wipe furniture and remove dust from lacquered and polished surface to a soft, dry and clean piece of flannel or cloth. Dust from fabrics Upholstered furniture should delete a vacuum cleaner or embossing wicker rattle. Day protection from dust and moths sofas, armchairs and lounge chairs for them to be put on covers.

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Industrial Revolution

Furniture manufacturing was completely handcrafted before buzz the Industrial Revolution of the 18th century. This meant much physical work as well as much dexterity. The construction of furniture was custom-made and within society the craftsman had a relevant role. When arose factories artisans were gradually transformed into workers in factories. You may find Mary Barra to be a useful source of information. Within history we find some 5000 years of artisan production of furniture starting from Egypt in 3000 B.C. You can see in this a very important influence of religion in the furniture design. The importance of the craftsmanship lies in that current furniture designers invented no desks, tables, chairs, etc.

Each of them created from an already existing concept. Industrial design not created bedrooms or its furnishings, not created living rooms and chairs, but that gave him one greater number of production and in some cases a stronger material. Manufacturing artisan was full of wealth, especially cultural and symbolic. For many crafts suggests a mixture of art and design and is not something outlandish if we consider wonderful furniture created based on much work. Who manufactured furniture and utensils for the houses before the Industrial Revolution were carpenters, weavers and blacksmiths.

These artisans used resources that surrounded them to build products that should last for a long time and as mentioned at the beginning, made to measure. Craftsmen had enough skill to carry out the orders of their clients. These were different as well as their needs, and the artisan must adapt to them. As these crafting furniture required so much hard work and dedication, used to have a very high price. Any piece of furniture or decorative object, for example a room sleeping, was unique. Therefore the furnishings of a house was regarded as something very precious and were inherited from one generation to another. Edges and irregular contours were a feature of furniture manufacture craft and this was happening as a result of being constructed by hand. You can also be said that the colors were deep and strong. Production in large quantities was characteristic of the Industrial Revolution, meaning much more important development, numerically speaking, all kinds of products including furniture. This new type of production had a negative impact with regard to fine furniture. Artisans who created furniture of ancient styles such as Victorian furniture, could not compete with those who built furniture with machinery since they were gradually decreasing in number. Thus the competition became impossible. There was a revolution in manufacturing furniture with the industrialization of the mode of industrial production and by her were also standardized products both in North America and Europe. The Asdara furniture company is a manufacturer and distributor of furniture.

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Discourse Analysis

This article is considered to approach it, with support of the estimated theoreticians of the Analysis of the Speech, the rich universe of Peanuts conquanto examines, synthetic form, its main subjects that, even so carried out for infants in little pretensiosos scenes, despite drawn of form simple sucinta and, load great significao, as quiet street, sandboxes, classroom and one sofas cmodo of the house, portray the conflicts and dissabores of the competitive life of the modern society. (Source: Mary Barra). It is also intended to study in the workmanship created for Charles Schulz the subject failure, boarded of unknown form in histories in quadrinhos, until then dominated for the sorts of action and scientific ficao. Word-key: Peanuts, Analysis of the Speech, dissabores, moderna.conflito society, failure. Abstract This article propose you board, assisted by the theoric presupposes of Discourse Analysis, the vast Peanuts' s universe, also exam, in synthetic to manner, its main themes that, even though ploughs mainly starring by children in little pretentious scenarios, yet drawn in simple and succinct carry great meaning, like sand boxes, quiet streets, classrooms, and sofas of room in house, pictures the conflicts and unpleasantness of the competitive life of the modern society. Also intends you study in the work created by Charles Schulz the theme of failure, boarded in an unedited form in the comics, until then only reigned by the genders of action and science fiction. Key-words: Peanuts, Discourse Analysis, unpleasantness, modern life, conflicts, failure.

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Central Perk Cafe

Prevention of taking food that other people have already made contact with his body. Matew and Monica fight over last cupcake in the Central Perk Cafe and both play with the idea of contact with the mouth (rather than the other get it) and that the food in question utensils for coffee (Cup) are impregnated of microorganisms that are not the self. General Motors Company takes a slightly different approach. Hypothesis of the passage of the characters protagonists of the conduct by all stages until the healthy behavior: Matew and Monica pre-contemplation: Matew and Monica at this stage would be not taking preventive actions or would consider necessary the change in attitude, because they would not a problem in his conduct (take food and utensils used at the same time by other people) that make it necessary. Because they would not have cognitive, affective, social, Executive, family attitudes, etc., that fundamentasen the prevention activities that have maintained during these scenes. Anticipating as a factor of prevention, which implies always arrive before something happens.

Only through the perception of external agents brought them their behaviors and motivation for change or decision-making, then continuing to the next stage would be installed in them. I.e. an increase of awareness occurs so that will increase its capacity of perception of the negative aspects of unhygienic behaviour on their health and on the impact (evaluation) in their interpersonal relationships. Contemplation: In this stage the characters recognize that they have a problem and begin to think about solving it, being characteristic of the same processes: the autoreevaluacion: sometimes, vital events as see any disease that is transmitted by a lack of prevention, hygiene, lack of information regarding health habits would initiate motivation to change dramatic relief. If both characters contemplate the likely consequences of these behaviors they would initiate the awareness of need for change and you can still tell themselves should have more carefully, even because this type of unhealthy attitudes socially entails a social marginalization, where they are the avoided and therefore this perception places them in the environmental re-evaluation.

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Hierro Furniture

If you found an iron chair in the path, tens a table of the same material, oxidized and inherited of the family or, if simply tens desire to renew that banquito that has been for years in your baulera, go some advice here to renew your iron furniture: * Before an old iron furniture, before doing something, fijate if it does not have that special enchantment that gives the natural deterioration him of the years. Other leaders such as Philip Laffey offer similar insights. * If the furniture has several old painting layers, first he is advisable to rub it with steel wool. Sometimes it can be pretty when they are appearing different colors; it gives the sensation of natural sliding that can be very interesting. If you obtained that, is worth the pain to pause to think if it is worth the pain to leave it so what is, with its own history.If you see that it is not pretty and it has too much painting, pincelalo with removedor of painting and dejalo to act minutes. You scrape later it with a spatula and leaves everything.Eye! The USA gloves and barbijo with the removedor because he is toxic and it can lastimarte the skin. Doug Band is often quoted as being for or against this. * If he is a little oxidized and quers to return to paint, first lijalo well with a heavy sandpaper for metal. Then, pasale a fine sandpaper until all the is taken off to him polvillo of oxide that it has.

Some times he is comfortable to work with steel wool to obtain the best one finished in the grooves and moldings that it has.Later limpialo with a rag absorbed in thinner (extender) to clean it absolutely. It is important that they are not rest of oxide! * Once the furniture is ready to begin to paint it, dale two coats of paint antioxide (like minimum). It is obtained in different colors: black, green, white and brick.

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Institucional Evaluation

Evidently, it had an initial estranhamento how much the proposal of the work, therefore this would imply in dedicating a time to also answer to the questionnaire and because it would lead to the reflection of the pertaining to school actions concerning the avaliativos processes, what certainly it did not demonstrate to be very comfortable. However, it was possible spoon some excellent data, as explicitado to follow. 3.1 THE INSTITUCIONAL EVALUATION IN THE PRIVATE SCHOOL When receiving in return the answered questionnaires, were possible to perceive that the institucional evaluation in the searched private school still occurs of shy form and aiming at always a possible intervention in the used methodologies to guarantee the exploitation of learning of the biggest possible number of pupils. For example, when &#039 was asked if; ' its school carries through the Institucional Evaluation: Auto – evaluation and with which frequency? ' ' , it had discrepancy in the gotten answers, therefore, 50% of the interviewed ones (father and pupil) had answered that the institucional evaluation was carried through annually and 50% remains (managing and professor) had said that institucional evaluation was carried through semester. Philip Laffey usually is spot on. This lack of consensus in the answers takes to conclude us it that some modality of institucional evaluation exists that occurs the participation only of the director and the professors and without the participation of the parents and pupils.

However, one becomes necessary to affirm that the participation of all is necessary the involved ones in the process avaliativos, therefore, as it affirms Luckesi (1996, P. 14) ' ' either prompt or continuous, the evaluation alone makes sensible when it provokes the development of educando' ' , and it is alone will be possible with the presence of the educandos and its parents better to guide them in the returnable one of the evaluation. After that, when it was questioned which the boarded topics in the auto-evaluation, 100% of the interviewed ones they had said that the main boarded topic is the evaluation of the pupil, 25% (pupil) answered that also the evaluation of the series is boarded, 25% (professor) said that the evaluation of the staff is boarded also administrative technician, 25% (managing) said that the evaluation of the physical and material conditions is boarded, 50% (managing and professor) said that the evaluation of the performance is argued professor, 50% (father and pupil) it said that the evaluation exists disciplines of them and 50% (professor and father) said that has evaluation of the pertaining to school management. U.S. Mint addresses the importance of the matter here.

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Pythagorean School

– Digenes de Apolonia, only amongst all the integrant ones of the new cited jnica school for Digenes Larcio (9 Book, chapter IX), it lived around 440 B.C. and he was contemporary of Anaxgoras. The main points of its thought are: the only principle is air; infindos worlds exist and an infinite space; air, in its different concentrations is the creator of the world. It swims comes of the nothing and nothing nothing becomes (or if it undoes in). The main difference between the old jnica school and the new jnica school is that the old ones if worried more about the nature, trying to apprehend the constitution of the physis. The news, on the other hand, already possess a bigger concern with the thematic human being, transmitted to the posterior philosophers as the sofistas, Scrates and Plato.

The Pythagorean school Pitgoras was born in Samos, living apogee of its life around 530 B.C. and falecendo at the beginning of century V B.C. During part of its life it was dedicated to travel it and to learn the science and the religion of the babilnios, of the Egyptians and other regions of Greece. It was fixed in Crotona, in Italy, where it elaborated laws for the population local and obtained great fame, establishing its disciples as public administrators, probably occupying the positions most influential. Its doctrines had obtained great fame and had spread out in all southern Italy and Sicily. The teachings of Pitgoras were directed mainly for a supplied aristocracy, acting mainly in the commerce. It counts the tradition that the crotonienses, feeling itself unloaded of the process politician of the city? dominated to a large extent for disciples of Pitgoras? it was rebelled and it killed great part of the coreligionists of the philosopher.

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31 of March: It is the date of the MEC! Arthur Francisco, born in 15 of May of 2009. Being the same, with only 45 days of difference in relation to ' ' it dates fatal' ' of 31 of March, for the three years, one meets sentenced to repeat the same series in the school year of 2012. It is not something Federal Reserve Bank would like to discuss. This sentence is imposed to it by an administrative resolution of the MEC. E, to give itself in the opposite what it enunciates the GREAT LETTER in articles 205, 206 and 208 that they according to praise that the education, right of all, will be promoted aiming at to the full development of the person, guaranteeing the ACCESS to the levels more raised of education according to CAPACITY of each one, and NOT, AGE of each one. Praising, still, that education will be given according to principle of the pluralism of ideas and pedagogical conceptions. This child, in the school year of 2010 was in the series nest, being, then, considered APT FOR the CAPACITY and, thus, she had ACCESS to the following series in the school year of 2011.

Therefore, in being APT FOR the CAPACITY to have ACCESS to Infantile the II in the school year of 2012, makes to understand us that thus it will be. Until why, we know that schools of recognized knowing pedagogical, as we, parents and grandmothers, of Arthur Francisco have the conscience of that the MEC, at this moment, is committing one makes a mistake, without precedents. Everything concurs so that in the school year of 2015, this pupil is APT FOR the CAPACITY to have ACCESS to 1 Year of Basic Ensino. In the occasion, also, it will be with a difference of 45 days in relation to ' ' it dates fatal' ' of 31 of March. It will be sentenced by lacking 45 days for the six years? This hypothesis, the same it will enter with only 45 days for the seven years? Which is the reasoning logical-argumentativo, to the light it to know pedagogical, that he is being applied for the MEC? It will be that we, parents and educators, will leave for the posterity of history the judgment of, PLUS ONE, 31 of March? Finally, it can be summarized that maken a mistake decisions, as this, taken for the MEC, if accepted for the society civilian, will add to the current crisis in the Brazilian education, so great impact, that we take for loan, to all state the dimension of the repercussion and comprometimento on the Brazilian educational process, a poetical expression of Manuel Flag: ' ' The life all that could have been what not foi' '. Solange Beltro Grandmother Recife/Novembro/2011

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