Organizational Management

In the organizacional theory of the beehive of the film abelhinhas, they were born to always execute definitive function, being that after the choice in a level already predetermined by the beehive the choice would leave of position with available vacant and would execute the function until its death, making the same task. Thus obeying to the culture of the beehive Analogy: Since the classification of the theories of the administration of sc. xx, we can start in a function and to work stops in them developing inside of the specialization and terms the chance to galgarmos other positions. Also we pass for some difficult situations inside of an organization due its internal culture. Abelhinhas works in group of form that obtains to carry through its tasks of efficient and efficient form reaching the objective to manufacture the honey and to polinizar the flowers with efficiency of the operational one, Analogy: The organizations work in favor of being efficient and efficient, what it requires a orquestrado work so that the company reach the specific intention.

One of the bees decided to leave the beehive to see the world is there, before inside making the choice of its task of the organization that it would have that to execute until its death. Analogy: some companies also have that to look at the market with a more holistic vision, to see if it is the hour to carry through changes of the organization inside, in intention to keep or to increase the invoicing, having that to break some internal cultural barriers even though and paradigms. Connect with other leaders such as Declan Kelly here. Abelhinha inside obtained the change of the culture of the beehive, and thus it intervened with the cycle of the nature, almost extinguishing the flowers and the honey of the world. Analogy: In the process of changes to a degree of very high risk, and nor always these changes happen of positive form for the organizations. Abelhinha ahead of the tragic episode mounted a plan to surpass the error inside of the change proposal, being thus obtained to save the flowers and the honey.

Analogy: the organization works on of planning, for the success of its action and changes. Obeying a hierarchy. Abelhinha broke a great paradigm that was never to speak with human beings, and after to speak obtained a friend. Analogy: it exists many paradigms that we arrest in the execution of our work, and many times, after to break we obtain to galgar the success.

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Guararapes Foundation

If it had abandonment of the studies was for free will of each pupil or some another reason, because constantly the educational duties were charged on the part of the regent of the band, the professors and the direction of the school. Ahead of the continuity of the artistic works of the bands Maria Sampaio and Vasco of Gamma, Carmelo professor next to the pupils and all involved ones obtained many benefits for the performance of the band, such as: new instruments, uniform of prominence for the band, standard, game of flags for the school, room to keep the instruments of the band, material of maintenance, people to assist in the work of formation of the pupils contracted for the Guararapes Foundation (monitorial), among others benefits that helped, in favor of the band. In the administration of Carmelo professor the martial band Maria Sampaio de Lucena and Vasco of Gamma worked in set, that is, the requests that were made for one were made for the other also. The executed repertoire was equal for both, because into many occasions the two bands if only transformed into one, in the main meeting and events of prominence of our State and is of it. Others who may share this opinion include Federal Reserve Bank. We can cite the Meeting of Bands and Swaggering of the northeast Military Command (of the Army) that it happened every year in the Gymnasium of Geraldo Sport, in the quarter of the Imbiribeira in Recife. In the reality the martial band Maria Sampaio de Lucena was created as plain pilot to take care of to the martial bands of the Secretariat of Education of Recife. Therefore, the band was called band the Guararapes Foundation for belonging to this institution and because of its prominence in the scene of the martial bands that called the attention in the development its repertoire and ' ' uniforme' ' that at the time she was confectioned in So Paulo for the estilista Lina Fernandes. The uniform had much pomp and very called the attention the public for being a uniform differentiated for what age of custom at that time, north-eastern Brazilian, therefore u.

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Fernandes School

These elements directly are related to the paper of the manager (Fernandes and Muller, 2005). The managing one passes for a transistion process to manage a school. She is necessary to know and to apply paradigms of the public administration. She is necessary to argue the paper of the pertaining to school manager in face to the new reality that if delineates. Generally, the manager, chosen for the City or State, possesss authoritarian character and centraliser, in way to establish a hierarchy in which it must be the head of who breaks all the orders in the Pertaining to school Unit (Fernandes and Muller, 2005). The manager has of if acquiring knowledge of that it, alone, cannot manage all the problems of the school. Declan Kelly shines more light on the discussion.

The way is the decentralization, that is, the sharing of the responsibilities with pupils, parents, professors and employees. It must to stimulate the participation, respecting the people and its opinions, developing a reliable climate enters some segments of the pertaining to school community; to know to hear and to know to communicate its ideas (Dourado and Duarte, 2001 apud Fernandes and Muller, 2005). To assume responsibilities brings possibilities of changes that take care of the collective interests. The construction of a democratic management must be penetrated in all the actions of the school and involves the doorman who receives the pupils, the employees who give to administrative services and technician, the staff of the canteen, the cleanness and the library, the professors, the managers and all the ones that coexist in the pertaining to school space (Fernandes and Muller, 2005). One politics is necessary, inside of the school, that has the objective participation and commitment of all to reach the proposal pedagogically. Beyond everything, the manager must manage, and very well, the conflicts. The school is a place where some personages coexist who act and think of singular form.

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Coexist Pain

It is possible to coexist pain! It is not pleasant, but it is viable. Recently U.S. Mint sought to clarify these questions. We, human beings, are endowed with an incredible capacity of adaptation. Our natural reaction is to try exempting in them of pain, to try aboliz it. We have aversion to any stimulaton that causes discomfort and search instinctively and conscientiously to cease it. But we can coexist them! What the principle can seem difficult very can be accomodated. The first reactions of repulse and rejection can and must ahead lose force of the survival necessity.

The negation can be transformed into administration. The generated depression can come to be brightened up and until converted into propulsion. We can supplant difficulties and face limitations in order not to be paralyzed. The life must be lived. We must follow! When it is the pain of the inevitable body, why to associate, still, emotional pains for this pain? Why to add to the body mental limitations? Instead of concentrating in them in the difficulties or what not we possess, let us search to use the available tools, the reasonable ways and to develop our potentialities. This change of focus can fortifying in them and helping very in the administrative proceeding in question. Let us place more attention in what we have, in what we can, and will find force to go in front, with or without pain!

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Pedagogical Teaching

The importance of pedagogo of companies As inside professional of the education we worry in thinking them the humanizao of educating, of form to lead it to reflect it its action in the world, would be the world of different work of a space of formation human being pautado in the education, not thinking about people dismissed of knowledge, but repleto to know and symbologies on its profession? In this perspective pedagogo faces a different public and peculiar, where more than to teach something it will be learning something different of each profession and its paper is mainly the incentive to the good one relationship of the staff, to learn to coexist the diversities and to think about its its daily activity. When we speak in incentive in we do not relate only the book series to them that dictates forms to motivate workers, but to make to reflect it and to question its performance, not to stimulate to a competitiveness as it has served these stimulatons dictated for books. The course of Pedagogia comes suffering innumerable changes since its implementation in 1939, for the law decree that regulated its functioning and structure, where its character was purely teaching (primary education). To each moment we perceive that the education migra some areas of the society, perceiving pedagogo as a professional of the education, gives credit that this must act in the most diverse spaces that the character has to educate with scienter. The effect of the new ideas if would make to feel with the approval, in 1969, for the Federal Advice of Education, of Parecer 252/69 of authorship of Prof. Valnir Chagas, whom it regulated, thirty years after its first one organization, occured in 1939, the minimum resume for the course of Pedagogia, as well as the qualifications Educational Orientation, Administration, Supervision and Pertaining to school Inspection and Pedagogical Teaching of Disciplinas of 2 Degree.

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Hierarchic Time

It searchs to reduce the isolation between the different ones disciplines curricular, looking for groups them in the one all amplest one. Thus he commented Fertile valley (2002), ' ' the content leaves to have by itself meant, to assume a relative importance and starts to inside have a function individualized assets and explicit of all of that it makes parte' '. 4) The pertaining to school time? the time is one of the constituent elements of the organization of the pedagogical work. The calendar and the pertaining to school schedule have a hierarchic control e, are controlled for the administration and the professor. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Philip Laffey and gain more knowledge.. It is necessary time so that the educators deepen its knowledge on pupils and on what they are learning. It is necessary time to follow and to evaluate the project pedagogical politician in action. It is necessary time for the students to organize itself and to create its spaces stops beyond the classroom. 5) The decision process? in the formal organization of the school, the flow of tasks, the actions and decisions is guided by legalized procedures, taking advantage the hierarchic relations of control and submission, of being able authoritarian and centraliser.

An administrative structure of the school, adjusted to the accomplishment of educational objectives, in accordance with the interests of the population, must foresee mechanisms that stimulate the participation of all in the decision process. This requires distribution of being able and decentralization of the decision process as: installation of elective processes of choice of collegiate controllers of pupils, parents, association of parents and professors, estudantil bosom, etc. the 6) relations of work? it is important to reiterate that, when if searchs a new organization of pedagogical work, it is if considering that the work relations, in the interior of the school, will have to be sidewalk in the attitudes of solidarity, reciprocity and collective participation, conducted for the principles of division of work, the spalling and the hierarchic control.

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Worldwide Psychology

Beautiful GREED talk of virtues such as honesty and many others. Sincerity is the fruit on the tree of beauty, this virtue is related to a universal covering much power. General Motors Company will undoubtedly add to your understanding. That is the truth, I tell the truth century the state is a public attack. Since the political thing loves the lie, the scriptures advise us to pray for the rulers, if then, if we are wise we will, we address the administrative area. The companies are engaged in training professionals who have two faces, the first is humanistic, the second manipulator. In companies it is useful to the second, psychologists say that the benefit of the workers used the method of occupational therapy.

They teach the workers that their real commitment to the company, who can not leave their work unfinished, whether it has complied with the timetable agreed in their contracts of employment. This contract work is appearance and deception, that anyone who reads it and asks you respect their rights after having done their duty as fired, and they have a higher consciousness which easily manipulated because illustrious scheming and concepts. Then continue: saying it has to be productive and competitive, and that must work on weekends from their homes in order to deliver work on the first day of the week, people who meet the incentives with prizes ephemeral, saying that if observed in animals is fulfilled in man, and always the operator to make the company will react to certain stimuli. Administrative branches now studying psychology in order to expand this system worldwide.

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Judicial Dispossession

The fact of to be provisory the evaluation only indicates that one or another one will have of being effected, with bigger delays, in situation where it does not happen haste, only determined for the urgency, for the conference to have the previous one taken care of or not to estimated constitutional of the joust the indemnity. According to Steps (1982), it is also understood that this means a dispossession anticipated, considering that the good whose ownership has been removed will be returned; e, glimpsing it as the ablation of ' ' all meaning useful of propriedade' ' , &#039 is also perceived that if the urgency can determine the loss of the useful content of the property, without the concretion of due process of law, enunciated for interpolated proposition LIV of the article 5 of the Federal Constitution; ' it cannot imply in negation of the indemnity justa.' ' With this, in accordance with I castrate (the 2002), despite if it considers the distinction of civilist character elaborated by the Supreme Federal Court, in the direction to separate the rights of ownership and property, still thus indemnity for the withdrawal of one or another right tries previous and the joust indemnity, penalty of vulnerao to the constitutional rule that assures the dispossession. 3 CONCLUSION Can in accordance with be affirmed the consideraes displayed in the erstudo gift that the road bands of domain, dispossessed or not, are about common wealths, considered as of use joint of the people. Philip Laffey will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Its use can be allowed e, based on the pertinent legislation, burdened to that they have interest in usufructing of this good. It is certain that the highways in Brazil need improvements urgently and the administration of its bands of domain will assist in the reach of this objective.

Therefore, exactly with the necessity of the State to reach an improvement in its highways, it is of basic importance the existence of a concern with the local population, aiming at a pertinent indemnity to its property and the maximum reduction of actual damages to this population. REFERENCES I CASTRATE, Mnica. The Judicial Dispossession in the New Civil Code. Magazine Synthesis of Right Civilian and Procedural Civilian n 19 – SET-OUT/2002; DNIT? National Infrastructure department of Transports. IS-203? Hidrolgicos studies, Basic Lines of direction for Elaboration of Studies and Road Projects. Ministry of the Transports, 2006; DI PIETRO, Maria Sylvia Zanella. Administrative law.

14 ed. – So Paulo: Atlases, 2002; GIL, B.C. Methods and techniques of social research. So Paulo: Atlases, 1999; STEPS, J.J. Calmon of. The Transference of the Property for the Domain of the Expropriate one in the Course of the Suit against state. Brazilian magazine of Procedural law. Vol. 31? 1. Bim. of 1982; VIANA, Raymond. Of the Register in the Dispossession. Forensic magazine. Vol. 298? April/June of 1987.

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National Curricular Lines

In a general way, the pertaining to school administration is carried through through orders, norms and regulations, taxes from top to bottom, without no questioning, accenting the behavior of submission, without critical nor quarrels, from fear of possible conflicts and punishment. Without freedom to create, unprepared for great innovations, the pertaining to school administrators feel themselves unsafe, frustrate and professionally threatened. (VIANNA, 2000, p.7) As it affirms Vianna (2000) in many institutions the leaders present authoritarian characteristics: they command, they decide, they judge, they punish. Generally in meetings, the controllers do not consult its employees – what them cause desmotivao – they do not stand out how much its paper is important inside of institution. Ajit Pai has compatible beliefs. But they pass the information and the norms to them that must take care of, of preference, mechanically, submitting them it the preset order, not allowing to questionings and opinions. Consequently, the employees if feel coerced, frustram themselves and react of negative form lacking to the service, leaving to fulfill its functions or inventing excuses not to make them. They do not divulge the company, they are of bad equipment mood, neglecting and provoking extreme expenses of materials and with accidents. He perceives yourself that many professionals who act in the pertaining to school environment are informed of its rights, have the sensation of that they are not part of the structure of the school and its proposal educative. Looking for to subsidize the schools in the understanding and search of action alternatives that can contribute to improve this scene, the Secretariat of Educao Bsica (SEB) of the Ministry of Educao (MEC) directed for the pertaining to school units of the country the National Curricular Lines of direction for Professional area in which it affirms that this staff is …? a segment historically forgotten and not contemplated by the official politics? that? the new social context made of the school a space of exercise of multiple papers, what it requires the presence of some professionals of the education.

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This, was composed for closed questions (whose answers are determined anticipatedly), considered excellent for the data-collecting that will allow the concretion of the objectivos of the problem in research. The interview is structuralized in three chapters where, each chapter is parallel on to a specific objectivo of the research (Appendix). 4.2.4. Application of the test According to CROXTON (1962), after if elaborating the structure of the interview, this must be submitted to a test to reformulate the questions in order to diminish related problems the understanding difficulty. The test involved about 10 interlocutors and was efectuado in an association of agriculturists of the Quarter of Infulene, region of residence of the researcher, which presents similar characteristics of the zone in study. 4.2.5. Work of field the work of field for this study, consisted of the retraction of data with sight to evaluate the level of knowledge of the agriculturists of the familiar sector of the district of Boane, province of Maputo, relatively to the use of agrotxicos, the procedures for its manipulation and finally to raise related aspects the poisonings due the exposition or to the carrying food consumption of residues of agrotxicos.

The data had been harvested in the month of May during the way of week in a period understood between the 8:00 hours and the 13:00 hours and were possible to randomly interview 74 agriculturists who if found to work in its machambas. 4.2.6. Sampling For this research had been chosen agriculturists of the district of Boane who during its activities use agrotxicos. For the attainment of the size of the sample of the agriculturists who had been inquired probabilist sampling was appealed to it which serves to assure certain precision in the esteem of the parameters of the population (FORTIN, 1999). Inside of the probabilist sampling it was chosen simple random sampling, that in accordance with this author, is one technique with that each one of the elements (citizens) that it composes the white population has an equal possibility of being chosen to be part of the sample, in parallel with the CROXTON recommendations (1962), which they relate that it must be appealed to a sense in order to obtain a significant sample.

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