Commercialization Profile

This work had the objective to analyze the referring data to the profile of the commercialization of honey in different commercial establishments in the zone East in the city of Manaus. For the characterization I deal of it local of honey had only been chosen the establishments of 3 quarters of the Zone East (Crowned, They are Laboring Jose and I buzzed of the Palmares) had been analyzed. Although some marks of honey of Manaus to commercialize its products in the regional market, the honey used plant in it (pure or associated) are originary of other States. One evidenced that to acquire honey with the minimum of security in relation to the sanitary standards is more easy in the commercial establishments of the type pharmacy and/or would drug of what in the too much establishments.

The honey of Apis in pharmacies and small markets can come pure or associate the vegetal and prpolis extracts. The honey of Apis associated in the free fairs (permanent or not permanent) and supermarkets were not found. The honey of Melipona (pure and/or associated vegetal extracts) was found in the different commercial establishments (pharmacies, fairs, small markets and supermarkets). Therefore, one concludes that a bigger fiscalization of the competent agencies in relation to the products is necessary the base of honey mainly commercialized in the fairs and markets of Manaus. Inadequate packings, as for example, the bottles of short mouth of aguardente, when reused, can not be higienizadas in adjusted way, being able to compromise the quality of the stored honey, exactly that this has been extracted by means of aseptic techniques of the beehives..

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