School Vacations

"The discoveries come only to those who are prepared for their understanding", – said Louis Pasteur, the famous chemist and microbiologist. "Learning is always handy," – says the proverb. In general, one way or another, the school is an important periods of a person's life. But this period of ever coming to an end. And this end we should note worthy! "And in a lovely September day, and when the sweeps in February, a school, a school, you look like a ship running away" – sung in one of those songs that guys are always taught in music lessons.

The sea is full of knowledge of hazards in the form of pairs of unlearned my homework, but its waters are a lot of discoveries. School trips to different countries in the classroom geography, the world of flora and fauna on the lessons of biology, the universe of substances in chemistry classes – all this will remain vivid memories in the life of every child. For this reason, maritime theme is very topical. Souvenir boats, wall panels in the form of anchors, a book about the adventures exciting treasure hunters and pirates movies of his travels – all these we launched will be one of the most memorable, of course, if you do not forget to remember the sea song. Can be presented in gift cards to the ship, departing in a small tourist cruise (for the child and his cronies, of course). There is a "beard", but very funny anecdote about a boy whose parents lead to school the first of September, and it rests and shouts: "Ten years – for what?".

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