Japanese Wedding

good luck young couple. Go to the kimono is sewn white hood, which the bride uses the veil and to hide her "horns of jealousy" from the groom's mother, who now becomes head of the family. Japanese bride wears a black kimono. While until the bride and groom bring wedding vows, their families learn of each other. Chief Japanese ritual at the wedding ceremony – a tradition of nine cups of sake, which is necessary to drink – after the pair recognized espoused. Families and guests also drink sake, it symbolizes the union of two persons and the union of two families. Fathers of the bride and groom are of their families.

Wedding reception. For a wedding reception, the bride dresses up in red kimono, and later – in a dress western style. Guests participating games, parodies, and karaoke at the wedding party. As a rule, guests handed money to the newlyweds in a festive envelope – both before and after the wedding ceremony. Thanks mild climate, Japanese brides prefer to weddings spring and autumn. Certain dates are considered successful – so many couples go on their honeymoon in one day.

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