Feminine Leadership

Nowadays the women go the fight, equaling themselves it the men, and many times surpassing, not only in the work as well as in the sport, the politics, the religion, the social movements or as supplier of the family. Never before, in the history of the humanity, as many women had ordered in such a way. This feminine force in the power finds, to a large extent of the world, a shelter never waited. It is possible to observe that, the women, until recently, do not possuam active a social life, nor neither were allowed they, inside to arrive the high positions of the organizations. The women had in recent years obtained a bigger space in different careers because of the devotion and effort. Nowadays, companies look professionals who possess a sensitivity that is proper of the feminine sex and associate with the women qualities as empatia, patience, ability in working in team, capacity to delegate and to negotiate. Prejudiced way these qualities that were seen as weakness, had turned a differential in the current corporative world. Today the woman not only leads in the companies, as well as in the social sport, politics, religion, movements, or as supplier of the family. Each time is the woman conquering more the world and knocking down the machista affirmation that: the woman is fragile sex.

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