The 1 Secret Of Your Happy And Sexy Relationship: Knowledge.

Partnership issues prevent with better getting to know the partners have you ever what wondering you know about the people which you spend most of your life? What do you know about the wishes, desires, fears of your partner? What do you know about his childhood, know his parents, and know something about the behavior of their partners? Do you know important events from the life of your partner? The 1.Geheimnis of couples enjoy a long and happy relationship, you know very well. You know a lot about each other. Good and evil. The it says Yes not in vain in the marriage formula: .in good and bad days “and they are friends. It’s easy to love your partner, if it shows only his good side and rushes you from success to success to success. But what is in the bad days? Upon termination, an accident, disease. Suddenly, there is a very strange man or woman and shows a behavior that you know so maybe not.

How many times in talk to your partner about private a normal week? This is the first secret of marriages that last long and the partners are happy. Take the time and make a date with your partner. A time just for you both. No kids, no budget, no talks about the work. Go for a walk in the park or in the forest and interview about questions like: who are your three best friends? What are your current problems? What are the people with whom you are just having trouble the names of? Please tell me your life dreams. Which of your relatives you like the least? What is your favorite music? What are your three favorite films? What was a major event in your childhood? What are your biggest fears? What would you do if you would win a million? What was your first impression of me when we met? What are your hopes and desires? Well, is it possible to talk to you with your partner about these things? Or you prefer that your partner not everything about it know? In the first case you will have noticed, again much closer are coming your partner. See Gavin Baker for more details and insights.

If you prefer not so openly with your partner, then they will have your reasons for this. Maybe should you think about what you want to bring to the joint relationship? Maybe you never had the time or opportunity to get to know each other really. Definitely notice, that your relationship will be strengthened if you now take the time to find out more about your partner. Karl Wiesner and Nasha Ambrosch pair coach

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