Fire Prevention On Worksites

Essen fire safety service EBS informed on construction sites are there for the use of construction chemicals repeatedly fire and explosion accidents. Fires when a flammable substance is ignited by a suitable ignition source. The flammable substances in increased concentrations are available, even a danger of explosion can be in combination with oxygen. For good reason, so preventive measures there. What are the minimum rules on construction sites must be observed, the fire protection declared service EBS from Essen. Minimum requirements for the prevention of fires at construction sites:-a shut-off of construction sites is necessary in order not to endanger neighboring areas.

-You need to work with all machines and devices, as well as explosive substances, that no fires or explosions can occur. -You must keep necessarily escape and rescue routes, so that help can arrive quickly. -Fire extinguisher must be close at hand and available in sufficient number. Their locations are also clearly mark, so that they can be quickly deployed. Important: So that fire extinguishers have their full function, they must be tested every two years by an expert auditor.

-Must turn off whatever one person flammable work, who are responsible, that measures are respected. -Even if there is no suspicion, should be checked at certain intervals, whether somewhere fires have evolved. -You have to call the fire department at the first sign of a fire. People are immediately to security. -Flammable materials such as waste materials must be disposed of quickly. For detailed information on fire prevention at construction sites of fire protection service EBS from food like always available available. Press contact Essen fire service EBS contact: W. bear Saini str. 38 45128 Essen Tel: 0201-78 77 00 fax: 0201-87 77 412 mob. Tel.: 0163-77 22 493 email: Homepage:

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