Astrological December

OWEN December – auspicious month for large financial transactions. The first week is good for love. From 10 to December 17, Aries will trip or a guided tour – you strive toward risky and dangerous adventures. The second half of December – a good time for serious work. Show more perseverance, confidence and, of course, elegance in the locker room – closer to the holidays, you will not take long dizzying success and revenue growth. December will bring you money and a new official status. For Taurus Taurus December – a calm and gracious time. From 2 until December 15, you can make a very successful trip, relax.

Since the beginning of the month you need a more sober approach to their financial issues. Expect the unexpected, try to accept them with open hearts. Having consciously through a series of tests, you will acquire full moral and material welfare. End of the month promises a stable and excellent prospects. In anticipation of the holidays move house the new order, arrange a permutation, try to get rid of of unnecessary and superfluous things, all family members to make gifts. Gemini the Twins in early December should be careful while traveling. In the first decade will be felt by slowing the progress of cases, personal relationships may give crack. Well you are traveling from 12 to 24 December. Your heavenly patron, Mercury will help to establish new relationships and find a good rapport with my boyfriend. December – time of active conquest of social positions.

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