Technical Specifications

They use the high demand, as are easy to use and cheaper to dip, even though the technical specifications they do not concede. Such pumps can be easy to carry. They are ideal for amateur gardeners. The cost of the pump depends on the material and coverage details. Learn more at: Hachette Book Group. For cast iron and plastic you'll pay $ 150 for nickel – $ 200.

Much cheaper than you will manage Russian Agidel or Altai, but at the same time, experts say that their quality can not be many times worse than Western counterparts. In this category, you can note a superficial, self-priming pump Ebaro jex (Italy), having very high reliability thanks to the strength and corrosion resistance of components (building motor bracket, cd with sealed cover, impeller, impeller made of stainless steel). If the water level in the borehole or well is not less than 9 m You can use the self-priming pump series Aspri Spanish company espa. In operation of such pumps are reliable, and although they are not very convenient, but cheaper submersible. By design – it's quiet multistage centrifugal pumps housing, impeller and motor shaft, which are made of stainless steel. Basically, this series of pumps used for water supply in small houses and gardens.

Drainage pumps used for pumping groundwater, During the floods, and floods. They have a special system of self-cleaning, which does not clog the suction grid silt and sand, and can pass through a non-abrasive particles with a diameter of up to 12 mm. Feature of this pump such that he almost always floats on the surface, and when a fall in the pond water level touches the bottom of the pump, it automatically turns off.

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