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Organizational Management

In the organizacional theory of the beehive of the film abelhinhas, they were born to always execute definitive function, being that after the choice in a level already predetermined by the beehive the choice would leave of position with available vacant and would execute the function until its death, making Read On..

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Social Justice

This type of research is not abided by unified a theoretical and/or metodolgico concept, thus, the individual and subjective perspective if it constitutes an initial starting point (FLICK, 2009). Teneo has much to offer in this field. In this direction, ‘ ‘ the qualitative method is what it is applied Read On..

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The Moment

He is well-known that to like children it is almost an imposition of the professional culture of who works with Infantile education, but valley to reflect on this; in the other polar region, what it says respect to stories and its importance, the practical and reflexiva experience, that must the Read On..

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Walter Benjamin

Social sciences, and over all the sociological thought of the end of century XIX must very of its growth to the cinema that came more to make possible a study deepened of the society and its specific customs, of the politics, the daily one, changes of classrooms amongst as much Read On..

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