Roman Philosopher

' ' The advantage is reciprocal, therefore the men while they teach, aprendem' '. Sneca Roman Philosopher. RESTRICTED CHRIST To be restricted to one, two, three ' ' cristos' ' , that not yet they had conquered real its diadema, while the GOD CHRIST has in the Head several diademas, is to estagnar in a completely motionless time. ' ' Everything what is taken root and congenital can be attenuated by education, but not vencido' '. Sneca Roman Philosopher. IT DID NOT EAT THE IGUARIAS OF THE KING It decided Daniel, firmly, not to contaminate itself with the iguarias of the king, nor with the wine that it drank; then, it asked for to the head of the eunucos who allowed it not to contaminate itself. Book of the Prophet Daniel, CAP. 1:8.

The Human being does not need to eat any would iguaria, when it has in itself the Spirit of Wisdom, makes that it to grow Universal Science. THE EDUCATION DE DANIEL AND ITS FRIENDS 17 However, to these four young GODS gave to knowledge and intelligence in all culture and wisdom; but the Daniel gave to intelligence of all the vises and dreams. 18 Looser the time determined for the king they brought so that them, the head of brought them to the eunucos to the presence of Nabucodonosor. 19 Then, the king spoke with them; between all, had not been found others as Daniel, Hananias, Misael and Azarias; therefore, they had started to attend ahead of the king. Book of the Prophet Daniel, CAP. 1:17 a19. TEN TIMES MORE DOUTOS In all substance of wisdom and intelligence on that the king made them questions, it found them ten doutos times of what all the magos and charmers who had all in its kingdom.

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