Micaela Schafer About Casual Dating In The Light Of The Last C-date Study

Casual dating arrived not only in the vast company. The relatively new dating trend is very popular today among stars. In a TV – show in shark bar in Zurich last week have the German erotic model Micaela Schafer, a former Franziskaner Monch, Mister Switzerland Sandro Cavegn, sex therapist Dania Schiftan and C-date lit founder Heinz Lumann the topic of sex from different perspectives. Reason for this discussion is the last C-date study that sheds light on sexual habits and the love life of Europeans. Casual dating is arrived not only in the vast company. The relatively new dating trend is very popular today among stars. Here and there we read messages and reports of celebrities who have ausprbiert casual dating.

As most respondents, finds the study have participated in the C-date, also the famous erotic model Micaela Schafer, that casual dating prefer a good alternative for those relations without obligations, is. I don’t have time for a boyfriend or a relationship. So is casual Dating for me made,”says Micaela Schafer. “Here the most notable facts and statistics that study were announced in the framework of C-date. 8’239 Were part of the international study, which was carried out in ten European countries, as well as in Australia and Brazil at the beginning of year respondents between 20 and 59 years of age. It is shown that the sexual activity in E.g. Switzerland to relax seems. While 2011 less than 70% of the Confederates at least once a week had sex, there are only 54% 2013.

This, even though the Swiss and Swiss have the feeling to get sex whenever they want it to: 80% of Swiss citizens and almost 60% of the Swiss can live their lust, if them afterwards is. It seems Mr and Mrs Swiss not opportunities, but much more motivation to lack. A comforting fact remains: Swiss are sexually active than their German neighbors, of which only half at least once in the week having sex.

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