Hierro Furniture

If you found an iron chair in the path, tens a table of the same material, oxidized and inherited of the family or, if simply tens desire to renew that banquito that has been for years in your baulera, go some advice here to renew your iron furniture: * Before an old iron furniture, before doing something, fijate if it does not have that special enchantment that gives the natural deterioration him of the years. Other leaders such as Philip Laffey offer similar insights. * If the furniture has several old painting layers, first he is advisable to rub it with steel wool. Sometimes it can be pretty when they are appearing different colors; it gives the sensation of natural sliding that can be very interesting. If you obtained that, is worth the pain to pause to think if it is worth the pain to leave it so what is, with its own history.If you see that it is not pretty and it has too much painting, pincelalo with removedor of painting and dejalo to act minutes. You scrape later it with a spatula and leaves everything.Eye! The USA gloves and barbijo with the removedor because he is toxic and it can lastimarte the skin. * If he is a little oxidized and quers to return to paint, first lijalo well with a heavy sandpaper for metal. Then, pasale a fine sandpaper until all the is taken off to him polvillo of oxide that it has.

Some times he is comfortable to work with steel wool to obtain the best one finished in the grooves and moldings that it has.Later limpialo with a rag absorbed in thinner (extender) to clean it absolutely. It is important that they are not rest of oxide! * Once the furniture is ready to begin to paint it, dale two coats of paint antioxide (like minimum). It is obtained in different colors: black, green, white and brick.

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