Eurpedes Society

Currently, the woman meets, the least in the eurocntrico Ocidente, one same platform of similar rights to the one of the man. However, this conquest has taken centuries to happen. The space traditionally reserved to the woman in the society Greco-Jewish-Christian, as well as in several others, was of the submission and the ample dependence of the masculine power. (SAINTS, Giovanna Gonalves (UEM); IT HISSES, Marisa Correa (UEM), You mediate: The characterization of the feminine personage in the tragedies of Eurpedes and Sneca.Pg.440) To the moment where Eurpedes wrote the tragedy Mediates, the author makes criticizes to this society Greek, therefore the women did not have voice, as well as aged and enslaved. 2.4 The paper of the Brazilian woman (dictatorship) the representations of the woman had crossed times and had established the symbolic thought of the difference between the sexos, having hierarquizando the difference, transforming it into inaquality. To the men the public space, politician, where if it centers the power; to the woman private and its heart, the sanctuary of the home.

It is presented feminine an only alternative – the maternity and the marriage. (COLLING, Ana Maria. The women and the military dictatorship in Brazil. Pg.01) Has a society where it aims at the right of the man, deducting to whom they are not part of the way. The woman at the time of the dictatorship was represented as submissa, without being able of voice, choice, rights and opinions. She observes yourself that the occurrence in the democracy Greek at the time of Eurpedes comes back to happen after as much time. In this in case that not only with the woman, but with whom they had been part of this dictatorship that if found in Brazil. After much time history if she repeats. The women, the slaves, the laborers, the aged ones, all these are of little utility for a society that does not think about the collective one and yes in the individuality.

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