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National Curricular Lines

The Lines of direction extend the character of the special education to carry through the complementary or suplemental specialized educational attendance to the escolarizao, however, when admitting the possibility to substitute regular education, does not potencializam the adoption of one politics of inclusive education in the public net of education, Read On..

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The Identity

The affirmation of the identity and the articulation of the difference translate the desire of the different social groups, asymmetrically situated, to guarantee the privileged access to the property partnerships. Identity and differences of certain form co-are related bringing tona the concept of diversity that is on the aspirations of Read On..

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For Gadotti

Still according to author (1998, p.12) ' ' the Paper of the specific intellectual must become each more important time, in the measure where it wants wants, it wants not, is obliged to assume responsibilities politics ' ' The professor must be the operative agent of reflection and of the Read On..

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Studying Business English

There are two basic approaches to teaching business English. The first of these – the traditional, the second – an innovative. Traditional methods Author benefits Business English: An Individualized Learning Programme called the "textbook approach (course book approach). That is taught by the book, broken into sections on sustainable sequence Read On..

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Study Languages Abroad

One of the most important issues is the own personal attitude when facing the study of one language in another country. Everything is associated with cultural activities and socialization that you can carry out, once formal training hours end. Hachette Book Group is full of insight into the issues. In Read On..

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Fernandes School

These elements directly are related to the paper of the manager (Fernandes and Muller, 2005). The managing one passes for a transistion process to manage a school. She is necessary to know and to apply paradigms of the public administration. She is necessary to argue the paper of the pertaining Read On..

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Pedagogical Teaching

The importance of pedagogo of companies As inside professional of the education we worry in thinking them the humanizao of educating, of form to lead it to reflect it its action in the world, would be the world of different work of a space of formation human being pautado in Read On..

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Commercial Director

Psychology of influence – the theme of today is very vital. In our training center (Govorun.ru) training in the psychology of influence is one of the most popular. What compels people to leave their weekend cozy home abandon outdoor activities in the company of friends, in favor of spending time Read On..

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