Taking the risk that all attempt of conceptualization implies and pautada in the biocntrica radicalidade, I conceive the violence as all and any circumstance that the organization of the systems threatens livings creature. (SOUSA, 2002, P. 83, apud SOUSA; MIGUEL; RASP, 2010, P. 43) It is not only the similar pedagogia or areas that produce knowledge to know dominadores.

The medicine and psychology also construct concepts that manage infancy and the adolescence (SARMENTO, 2004). These areas operate normalizing, defining and configuring as the educandos must or not act, what they need to learn, that is, as they must live in the space of the school and its entorno. Sousa, Miguel and Lima (2010) explain that the power-domination is inlaid in forms of hierarchies, of practical differentiated of tortures, in the positions of indifferences that ‘ ‘ they happen in an enclosure for bullfighting where it is in palco control relations and sujeio’ ‘ (P. 44). Freire (1996) affirms that the authority ‘ ‘ afoga’ ‘ the freedom of educating inhibiting its curiosity and creativity.

The dialogue is the best form to learn and to grow in the difference, respecting it and compromising us with the eticidade. This does not want to say that the professor is the great culprit of a cause relation and effect, where alone it if becomes responsible for the establishment of exercises of being able. The question is much more complex and involves multiple factors. Either perhaps really difficult professor to be he himself and to also allow that the other it either. According to Petroni and Souza (2010), she is necessary to be intent to a speech that culpabiliza the professor, making responsible it for whom entorno occurs negative in the school and its, being that for times this does not have available material resources, leaving it impotent to fulfill its tasks.

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