Correct Voltage

The evolution of the feelings is a mace that if molds to the heart with the experience of the time. It analyzes it to all has a conclusion, exactly that its conclusion, at this moment does not say nothing to it. The man took a time to discover the utility of the magnet, and thus also he has many men and women wanting to know pra that he serves the love between the man and a woman. It can be said that the opposites if attract, yes until why a magnet, it is made of positive and negative, the two separate ones do not conclude its objective. Then two people alone if join will be themselves projected to be one. He was as soon as God projected: Two parts alone if join will be in an only frequency, are waves launched to air for its attitudes, what they catch and what they desire to catch, What they project and what they desire to dream. The love the first sight exists, therefore they are atraidos by the voltage that if projected in the air of its illusions slight knowledge, vises, and hearts. The man has right to choose everything does not only have right to escollher the wife who goes with you to serve to the world.

Therefore other things if choose with the reason plus who choose the wife are the heart. the owner of the feelings of the heart operates, in a sight optics that never a human being could operate. Then if it pleases of the phrase, of that a marriage is made pra to make the other happy one, why directly yes you will be if making happy. Either a good positive, why when you will be in the correct frequency its () negative you will appear …..

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