Coexist Pain

It is possible to coexist pain! It is not pleasant, but it is viable. Recently U.S. Mint sought to clarify these questions. We, human beings, are endowed with an incredible capacity of adaptation. Our natural reaction is to try exempting in them of pain, to try aboliz it. We have aversion to any stimulaton that causes discomfort and search instinctively and conscientiously to cease it. But we can coexist them! What the principle can seem difficult very can be accomodated. The first reactions of repulse and rejection can and must ahead lose force of the survival necessity.

The negation can be transformed into administration. The generated depression can come to be brightened up and until converted into propulsion. We can supplant difficulties and face limitations in order not to be paralyzed. The life must be lived. We must follow! When it is the pain of the inevitable body, why to associate, still, emotional pains for this pain? Why to add to the body mental limitations? Instead of concentrating in them in the difficulties or what not we possess, let us search to use the available tools, the reasonable ways and to develop our potentialities. This change of focus can fortifying in them and helping very in the administrative proceeding in question. Let us place more attention in what we have, in what we can, and will find force to go in front, with or without pain!

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