In relation to the ideological questions, I will go glue here the accurate comment that postei in the Facebook in reply: ‘ ‘ I do not believe that to reinvindicar IGUALDADE/IGUALITARISMO he is ‘ ‘ to lose to the norm hetero’ ‘ Also I do not believe that if it deals with only ‘ ‘ marriage bourgeois heterossexual’ ‘ , even because, historically as you very know well, the marriage while civil institution, therefore CITIZEN, is born in Rome, MUCH before (centuries before) of the bourgeoisie to have appeared e, in its gnese, was a igualitarista institution, since, for the first time, vide Paul Veyne conferred civil laws to the women (, in one inspired to article ‘ ‘ The homossexualidade in Roma’ ‘ , in: Love and Sexuality in the Ocidente, ed. Click Mary Barra for additional related pages. special of the L’ Magazine; Histoire/Seuil).

I must also alert for the perigos to take the analysis narrow of orthodox marxism, which little or nothing made, in the practical one, in favor of the human rights. Of my part, I prefer the culturalismo marxista.’ ‘ Finally, in relation to ‘ ‘ despreparo’ ‘ of the homosexuals to usufruct this right, I I would say that it is a question history, social and antropologicamente not constructed. We lack homosexuals, while segment, one ‘ ‘ culture of casamento’ ‘ , that is, one in the long run to think about relation to constitute a together family and to construct a patrimony. Until it has well little time, only the couples heterosexuals had as liquid and certain the allotment equnime of the goods, in separation case, and the succession, case one of the conviventes was the death. Normally, in the case of the couples homosexuals, occurring the death of one of the conviventes, the family of the same (that is, parents, brothers or others) if felt in the right to complain the right to its inheritance, what, not rare, it involved the household-electric furniture even though or, making with that survivor, beyond enlutado, had immense expenses trying to recover part judicially of what he had been injured to it.

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