Alberto Accountant

Shortly before the seven of afternoon, Alberto Accountant is cruzado the doors of the airport of Barajas, course to Nantes, course to the challenge it last more of its more difficult year. Surrounded by mediatic noise since its presumed doping in the edition of 2010 of the Tour of France was opened, the sweeping champion of Giro it confronts the one of 2011 knowing that its preparation is not the best one to fight itself with harder rivals of those than they planted face to him in Italy. " I know that the normal thing is not ganar" , it has assured with conviction shortly before invoicing his luggage; " for anything he would be fracaso". However, the champion, with an iron will, knows clearly that if goes, he is for trying it. " It is necessary to go motivated and thinking about fighting by the race, but being prudent and knowing that for 13 years nobody obtains Giro and Tour Pantani in 1998 ". Source of the news: : Accountant: " The normal thing is that the Tour&quot does not win;

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