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Gustavo Rangel

The Council of Defense American that drives Brazil received the support of the majority of South American leaders and the rejection of Colombia at the Summit who founded the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) in Brasilia.It was decided that it will create a Council (of Defense Sudamericano); the political Read On..

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Strategic Plan

Verify the current coverage of our fixed assets, buildings, machinery, furniture, computer, etc, in terms of the business risks that may ensue you, and coverages that would arise if some disaster occurs. Study and expand the PMP (period means of payment) requesting our suppliers, this differentiation and deciding with appropriate Read On..

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History Of The Cabinet

Today the cabinet is a mandatory attribute in almost every home. And it is not surprising, because in case – it is the most desired, most thorough, most convenient and desired object interior. That's cabinet, became the progenitor of almost all furniture, which now exists. How well it all started? Read On..

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